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Feud between Prime Casino Slots Manufacturer Heats Up

International Game Technology is the leading manufacturer of gaming machines and other prime casino machines across the globe since 1981. They specialize in the development, design, manufacture, and marketing of electronic gaming equipment and systems products. They are also the leading supplier of gaming products in the world. IGT is the software developer of major online casino offerings in the industry such as Mr. Green Casino, and other popular casinos in the world.

It has been in the news that the casino company is facing a feud with one of its former Chairman and CEOs, Charles Mathewson. Mathewson had left the company ten years ago but is now leading a group of the company’s shareholders. The group led by Mathewson has nominated 4 shareholders to become part of the board of directors. This has led to a larger issue involving the former and the present CEOs. The feud goes on between Hart and Mathewson. However, the decision still rests in shareholders’ final decision as they are listening to both sides of the story and have to decide who they are better off with.

Despite the feud going around IGT’s execs, it has still managed to come up with new online casino prime offering, and it is for free. IGT’s Double Down Casino has just released its free to play House MD Slots for Facebook. This game has got its license from its agreement with the Universal Partnerships and Licensing and NBC Universal Television product.  House fans can now play with their favorite witty Dr. Gregory House. There are also other cast members like Dr. Cameron, Dr. Robert Chase, Dr. Foreman, Dr. Wilson as well as Thirteen. This medical themed slot features free spins, medical mysteries and differential diagnosis.  Anyone who has Facebook can take advantage of this casino online offering. They can spin the cast of characters and stack up their virtual chips.  What is great about this slot is that even if it is free, players can choose the amount of virtual chips they want to wager, number of lines and even opt for auto or manual play.

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