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Slot Machines to be Pulled Out?

According to the online casino and land based gaming regulators in New Jersey, they will not pull out the slot machines that are part of the “Axcess” line produced by casino prime company AC slots. The company is the only slot machine manufacturer on the East Coast and had been around since 1978, which is about the same point where casino gambling entered Atlantic City. Casinos in Atlantic City are not mandated to pull out a line of slot machines manufactured by a company that went out of business. The machines were recommended to be pulled out by Gaming Laboratories International LLC of Lakewood due to the fact that the closure of the Pleasantville based manufacturer had resulted in some regulatory and legal problems.  Aside from this, there will no longer be any people that will operate and maintain the machines considering the fact that the ownership of the machines and its other components are in question.

Though aware of GLI’s recommendation, officials of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement allowed casinos in the state to continue operating the machines. This is because their own lab testing of the machines resulted in zero operational problems. They have already informed the Press of Atlantic City to spread the news so as to clear up the issue. This would make the existence of prime casino machines in the casino until who knows when. As of today, the number of machines existing nationally is unknown. But in February, AC slots have declared that it would supply 84 machines to Revel, the newest casino in Atlantic City.

The casino may freely operate the slot machines to still provide a wide range of gambling equipment to its enthusiasts. Since there were no other problems encountered during the course of the test conducted by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the owners and gamers should not be bothered that any partiality may take place while using the slot machines. It is a sad fact though that one of the pioneers of the casino machines manufacturing industry has gone out of business. It also left 100 employees of the factory and corporate headquarters located in Pleasantville jobless. Despite the bad news, AC Slots have made a legend in the industry by being one of the best manufacturing companies of slots and other casino prime machines in the industry.

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