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Spain Authorities demand Poker Players to Pay Income Tax from Old and New Winnings

It is no longer easy to be invisible today with the rising identification systems, practices and sites like those reported in This means that even players lurking behind the scenes could not escape the eyes of the authorities. This is particularly true in Spain where all gamblers have to pay the government a portion of their winnings. Today, the Spanish authorities are demanding the prime casino players pay an income tax for their previous and current winnings. Poker Red reports revealed that players are being scrutinized through all games and tournaments they tend to join in.

The databases are now made accessible through the Hendon Mob where player’s winning and earnings can be found. The Spanish tax agency has come up with the list of casino online players like Carlos Mortensen who topped the charts with his massive 2001 WSOP Main Event winnings. According to reports, he had total earnings of $10,811,436. No wonder he is being carefully watched by the authorities. Apparently, there is much money to be taken from Mortensen alone. Other prime players on the list include Leo Margets, Jesus Cortes, Tomeu Gomila, Raul Mestre, Dragan Kostic, Juan Macera Lapido Jr., and Raul Paez Coral.

However, the PokerStars’ spokesperson Steve Day commented that the data provided to the authorities was not summarized. The calculation was basically done by the tax agency and not the PokerStars website. He reiterated that the company did not actively provide all the information to the Spanish authorities with respect to the players. What is happening in Spain now is the result of the new regulations. With the country’s economy getting sloppier, the government has turned to such coercive measures. More and more players will be under investigation. This must be expected as the top online casino players are already being scrutinized.

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